Aylin, Welcome to the Club!

Aylin is a football player from Türkiyemspor who grew up in Berlin-Wedding.
From the moment she started playing football, she knew this was what she would love to do for the rest of her life.
No matter if you are a German-Turkish woman fighting for your rights and dignity -if you have a dream, go get it!
Her strength and determination, make us proud to have her as our new hero.

Hero - Aylin Yaren
DOP - Peter Garajszki
1st AC - Joko Neumann
Grading - Benjamin Packer
Special thanks to - Alper Yaren, Anisa Haupt, Leo Schmutzer
Directing & Editing - Philippe Gnannt
Aylin Yaren wears a DarwinFC jersey on a football pitch.Football player Aylin Yaren performs sole juggles on a street-football court.Aylin Yaren stands alone in the middle of a football pitch.