DarwinFC x Balkan Mix

Balkan Mix are Berlin street football icons.
From 2012 to 2018, the crew ran rings around every team throughout Germany and Europe that they came up against.

Imagine walking through the austere grayness of Wedding’s Pankstraße in Berlin and being teased by the Boateng brothers.
“Gewachsen auf Beton” (“raised on concrete”), they would laugh.
But what was intended as a jibe, the Balkan Mix boys lived – and with a whole lot of heart.
They won the Nike Street Football Cup of the same name, in addition to several other European tournaments, cementing themselves as neighbourhood heroes.
Having fled from war-torn countries, the young group found refuge in football and the camaraderie of the team.
It's a crew that stands for honest, authentic football.
For us, they are the epitome of how football can provide friendship, learning and experience that transcends difference in culture or privilege. Understanding and respect are the cornerstones of togetherness and inclusion, and football can play a crucial role in setting those examples.
Balkan Mix shows us how.
And we couldn’t be prouder to have them in our community.
Sanel, Selvedin and all the other members of Balkan Mix – welcome to the club.

DOP - Vincent Moreau
Color Grading - Benjamin Packer
Players - Sanel Begzadic, Selvedin Begzadic
Director & Editor - Philippe Gnannt
Design - Giacomo Donati
Copywriting - Gabriella Seemann
Special thanks to - Melanie Lüft, Helge Mundt,Kilian Depuhl
Two persons give an interview.A group picture of the infamous street-football crew Balkan Mix.Two brothers stand inside a street-football court.