David Alaba - Defender of Diversity

“Tolerance, respect and openness are fundamentally important in football and everywhere in our society.
Everyone, regardless of whether they are a professional footballer or not, regardless of whether they have a big reach or not, must be committed to this and have the will to shape the world around us in a positive way.
So it’s a great opportunity and a matter of the heart for me to get involved with Darwin FC to do that and support this campaign.”
In football you would say David Alaba is our top transfer.
But we don’t sign players, we make unions, we make joint promises and we fight for more equality, respect and openness in football and beyond.
We don’t just want their signature, we want their spirit, their energy – because it makes our mission stronger and brings us a bit closer to the goal of creating more inclusion and equality in football, getting back closer to what this sport is really about and what it can make possible.
For the signing of David Alaba, his manifesto was translated into a limited edition shirt and hoodie that can be purchased by fans via our online shop.
All generated profits will go towards the social football project Kicken ohne Grenzen in Vienna.

Athlete - David Alaba
DOP - Peter Garajszki
1st AC - Vincent Moreau
Photography - Felipe Hernández
Director & Editor - Philippe Gnannt
Gaffer - Nicolás Cabrera, Antonio Munáiz
Colorist - Benjamin Packer
Sound Designer - Stefan Benz
Make-up - Nora Murphy
Styling - Marco Halbinger
Concept & Design - Giacomo Donati
Production - Marco Michalzik, Kilian Depuhl
Copywriting - Gabriella Seemann
PR & Strategy - Amber Raheja, Simon Ueberheide, Kilian Depuhl
Special Thanks to - Karolin Hewelt, Nils Seger, Lisa Teicher, Philipp Koblischek
David Alaba sits on a chair and faces a red backdrop.David Alaba stands inside a white studio in Madrid.David Alaba looks at a camera.