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DarwinFC presents All Together - Episode 1 - The Scarf
DarwinFC presents All Together - Episode 2 - The Fit
DarwinFC presents All Together - Episode 3 - The Vibe

Marco Oggian x DarwinFC - All Together Series

After a universally dark year, we at Darwin Football Club decided to create a scarf that could brighten wardrobes and spirits.

We enlisted the Italian artist Marco Oggian to tackle the design – the brightest talent we could have wished for.

And that’s not all: all our profits will be donated to a good cause.
Reason enough to celebrate it and create a video series that underlines the collaboration as well as the statement for diversity, unity and love.

DOP - Melanie Lüft
Grading - Benjamin Packer
Copywriting & Voice-Over - Gabriella Seemann
Director & Editor - Philippe Gnannt
Graphic Design - Giacomo Donati
Models - Bojana Perišić, Dimitri Evotche, Maren, Lenny Krieg
Special thanks to - Helge Mundt, Kilian Depuhl

more information on – darwinfootball.club/portfolio/all-together/
Two people lay on grass smiling.A man stands inside a lake wearing a scarf.A scarfs hangs on a tree.