Meet the Artist - Ahu Dural

In this short, sincere portrait, Ahu meditates on her work and the context that informs it.
From the architecture she grew up surrounded by, to the distinct, often complex Turkish-German cultural experience, her thought-provoking pieces draw lines between different concepts, forms and media.

Artist - Ahu Dural
Director & Editor - Philippe Gnannt
Co-Director & Producer - Oumou Aidara
Director of Photography - Vincent Moreau
Colorist - Benjamin Packer
Composer - Dominic Edgley
Art Director - Gabriella Seemann
Special thanks to - BTMK (Conservatory for Turkish Music Berlin)

Featured Photography Courtesy of Yücel Dural, Maximilian Anelli-Monti and Mike Auerbach.
Close-Up film burn.Artist Ahu Dural is sitting on a bench in her studio.Group picture of woman working for Siemens back in the 1980s.