DarwinFC x SFC Friedrichshain

We teamed up with SFC Friedrichshain to collaborate on a concept for new home jerseys and took the opportunity to do something different.

The Berlin neighbourhood of Friedrichshain is home to many nationalities and is known as a place of tolerance, openness and culture.
This is also reflected in the SFC.
With team members from India, Poland, Morocco, Spain, France and Germany, we wanted to set an example together.

‘Together for Respect, Equality and Diversity’ graces their chests.
With this, the players of the club are making a commitment.
Not only when they enter or leave the pitch. But they commit to carrying these values into everyday life.

To make a contribution to something positive, to shape this club – and the city.
Most of the players have moved to Berlin from other countries and have found a second home in this team.
A safe space where everyone feels included.
We felt welcomed by the team right from the start, and everyone was excited about the idea of wearing something that expressed their values.

The slogans that now adorn their chests were each printed seven times, making a total of 21 jerseys with three different slogans.
Something as unique as the players wearing it.

We at DarwinFC like to work with the city's football clubs to put club work to the test.
Many amateur clubs lack the resources and know-how to develop a clear club structure and culture.
However, this is elementary because, as we all know, clubs are social points for exchange and encounter.
They are important anchor points for the transmission of values and attitudes.

Let’s work together to make football an even more beautiful game.

DOP - Vincent Moreau
Colorist - Benjamin Packer
Director & Editor - Philippe Gnannt
Design - Giacomo Donati
Copywriting - Kilian Depuhl & Gabriella Seemann
Shot on Film | Kodak
A group picture of a few teammates from the Berlin football club SFC Friedrichshain.Two players from SFC Friedrichshain laugh while warming up.A football player from SFC Friedrichshain smiles.